Poems & Expressions by Ari

The way I feel is the way I lay out my expressions in words...

My name is Ari. For good reasons I have to use a pseudo-name, it's safe, it's artistic, and it feels good to have an alias!
I have a penchant for words and emoting through words in various ways to various people. I love expressing something in writing that I could not verbally, it gives me emotional satisfaction and it serves my purpose when I have to express a thought or feeling and make myself heard.
I grew up with one constant quality- communication, and being an extrovert I used my communication skills and words to socialize, make friends, win hearts, and inherit a sense of joyful satisfaction. I started writing poetry when I was 9 years old for an art exhibition in school, and it's been 23 years since then and I'm still growing with a new expression every day. Everyone reads a greeting card, no matter how boring it looks, and I took cue from that fact to come out with this web writing idea.
You can express your likeness toward something or someone, you can express your social opinions, you can express your love for someone beloved or even your hatred for someone loathed, it's all possible in a few well-versed words. Whether it's routine business persuasion, or chance encounter or even the cherished love of your life, you can communicate successfully in articulated poetic expressions.